Vodou Dolls

The first thing to know about Vodou Dolls is that the current implications of the Vodou doll is that they are intended for harm, and this is a falsehood. Secondly, what is known as a Vodou Doll is not really associated with Vodou at all.

The common Vodou Doll that is sold in spiritual shops or online is not at all what is used in Vodou practices. This version is for tourism and is highly commercialized. They are intended solely to make a profit and sensationalize a false and harmful image of Vodou. The modern Vodou Doll is often associated with making a doll, and whatever you do to the doll will happen to the person you intend to harm. Hollywood has made many movies and shows to disparage the name of Vodou, and Vodou Dolls are a very common theme in supernatural shows as objects of danger and promised ill intentions.

The REAL Vodou Dolls come from the items called a “fetish” and/or a “Bocio” which are small figurines used in parts of Africa. These dolls are not intended to do harm, but to heal, communicate with the deceased, and be involved with many more harmless rituals. These often look nothing like the dolls that are used by Hollywood and are sold in tourist stores(Beyer, 2019).

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