Romani Culture

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Romani Culture is not often thought of as part of the foundation of witchcraft, nor is it often thought of as a greatly oppressed ethnicity(Gary, 2020). Yet, even in 2021, most people know the culture by the slur designed to degrade the Roma people; for those who don’t know, g*psy is a slur.

Roma culture is often appropriated through Halloween costumes, misrepresentation in Hollywood movies, and brutalized through genocide and slavery. According to the National Organization for Women, 70-80 percent of Roma people were killed in the Holocaust and they continue to be persecuted all over the world(National Organization for Women, 2017). In Europe, the Covid-19 virus has caused the terrible conditions that the Roma people live in to become worse. Police conduct raids on innocent communities and many children attend segregated schools. In Bulgaria, public pools are closed to Roma people and pools aren’t the only business closed to Roma people. It is common for bars and restaurants to kick out Roma people, or threaten them with violence to keep them from entering at all(Kyosemarliev, 2020).

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