Some basic fire safety in witchcraft that might seem like common sense when you read them, but these mistakes have been made before:

  • When using a herb bundle, once you light it, carry a bowl of sand under the lit bundle so it can catch falling ashes, and smother the flames in the sand when you are done. You must use sand to smother the flame! If you use water you can ruin the bundle and it won’t work again for you!
  • NEVER leave a crystal ball or polished clear quartz in the sun because it can start a fire using the magnifying glass effect. Put a dark cloth over your ball when unattended. 
  • Tall candles need a specific stand/holder. Also, candles should be blown out within 4 hours to keep the wick and wax integrity(this number can change based on size and material of candle). 
  • Cone incense will remain hot for some time after being extinguished. Wait a few hours before throwing them out.
  • Tea candles need their own holder, the thin metal one they come in not enough.