While witchcraft is not a cult, like much of Hollywood would suggest, new age anything can be used by cults to recruit people and cults are feared for a reason. Cults can be dangerous, damaging, and all are going to be hard to leave. Things cults do:

  • They will not give out their identity
  • They invent a problem for you to fear
  • They try to separate you from your loved ones to become your new support system’
  • They will disparage anything other than themselves-declaring they they are the only right path
  • They will punish with isolation 
  • They use a catchy slogan or line to have you repeat to yourself to keep your mental thoughts in line
  • They will dedicate most of their time to the cult and expect you to eventually do the same
  • They will demonize anyone who speaks against them or leaves the cult
  • They will not let you think about your decisions and insist on making your choices in the moment(Cossey, 2019)

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