Crystals are a part of many cultures, practices, and lifestyles for those who deal in the occult, but with the new age witchcraft wave in the 21st century the demand for crystals has grown and cheap quarts, gems, and more are sold cheaply at the price of slavery and terrible working conditions.

Madagascar is a large source of many of the crystals in circulation, but the conditions are so bad that 2-4 miners die in the mines every year and they are paid next to nothing for the crystals that are sold in the US for upwards of $20-$30. There is also a significant amount of lung contamination in the mines and child labor is common for the impoverished town that these children live in. The reason the mining continues in this way is because they are sold for so cheap, despite the fact that it’s only common quarts and can be mined all over the world for the same quality(McClure, 2019). So make sure you know where your crystals are coming from, but a good rule of thumb is that if the crystal is very cheap, it is probably a fake or it is mined with slavery and child labor.

Another thing to be careful about with crystals is to make sure you check how you wash/cleans them. For example:

  • Malachite becomes toxic in water
  • Amethyst will fade in the sun(Tierney, 2020)
  • Crystal balls should NEVER sit in direct sunlight because the magnifying glass effect can cause a fire.
  • Hematite, and many other crystals that contain metals, will rust in water.

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