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Chakras come from the Hindu practice of Tantric Yoga, yet the west’s concepts of Chakra were dumbed down and distorted by white authors. For one thing, there are not only seven, and many don’t agree that any one version of Chakra has a set number of points in the body, nor are there any set colors for each chakra. The version of Chakras that most people in the US appropriate is from Shakta theory, the sub category of Tibetan Buddhism, which was influenced by Tantric Yoga.

There are so many versions of Chakras within just Hinduism and Buddhism that the simple western explanations of Chakra are far from accurate or respectful(Wallis, 2021). Furthermore, many cultures all over the world have the concept of internal energies, so it isn’t necessary to use that concept of energy anyway, considering it is still used in closed religions such as Shaivism and the Hindu practice of wearing a Bindi utilizes chakras(Jha, 2020).

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